myAxonics APP

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Do you suffer from Overactive Bladder, Fecal Incontinence or Urinary Retention?

The myAxonics app allows patients to track their symptoms with an easy-to-use bladder and bowel diary. Patients can share their diary results with their physician and also learn about their bladder or bowel condition and treatment options like Axonics® Therapy.


  • Log bladder and bowel events, such as trips to the bathroom, accidents and pad changes
  • Save the diary results in a PDF report


  • Send the diary report to a health care provider
  • For patients undergoing a trial or using Axonics Therapy, the app auto-syncs diaries with the Axonics Patient Care Manager system to ensure continuous and comprehensive support from Axonics


  • Understand Overactive Bladder, Urinary Retention and Fecal Incontinence
  • Find out more about available treatments to help you achieve lasting relief
  • Access information about living with Axonics Therapy

Download Here